Review Yourself: welcome to my videoblog.

Review Yourself: welcome to my videoblog.

Review Yourself: welcome to my videoblog. 1280 720 Oliviero Rossi

Review Yourself: weekly meeting dedicated to the Videos Photos therapy with Oliviero Rossi.
I introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Oliviero Rossi, psychologist, gestaltist and video therapist. You probably know the terms psychologist and gestaltist, but maybe you are not familiar with the term video therapist.

I am using  videotherapy in my psychotherapeutic work and in the help relationship. I use the medium of video and photos since they are our footprints in the world and the trace of our existence, after a long time. The video and the image relate to ourselves and become a container that allows to appreciate our shades.

This happens because there’s a discrepancy in time between the moment when we take the chance to get involved and put ourselves in front of the lens, and the time that passes until the moment in which we’ll look at us again.

This distance of time allows to take distance from our official image, to contact something that would be appreciated also thanks to the time that has passed. So, just as good wine needs time to stay in the barrel, we go out a little from the daily time to get back and taste.

Seeing us again allows to taste something of ourselves that only the dimension of time allows to contact, something that we lose when we move. This happens because, maybe we are simply committed to move around and not to see us. The video blog is an experiment to take the chance to let us see each other, meet and talk in a time dimension that allows us to re-listen. This is the first meeting, we’ll see what happens in the next, and above all how I can taste myself and you, how we can meet.

Translation edited by dr. Daniela Abbrescia